Validating Credentials / Account Credentials dialog box pops up in Calc, never hapened before. Is a major pain in the butt

I’m getting the message that says “Validating Credentials / Account Credentials” dialogue box that pops up when I open Calc documents. It doesn’t happen in Write documents.

Windows 10

LibreOffice About: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Validate Credentials dialog box: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

I guess you saved a spreadsheet password to Windows Credential Manager and it offers it each time you open any spreadsheet. I can’t help on Windows Credential Manager usage.

[EDIT 10minute later] I am guessing here. Go to Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\User Accounts click on Manage your credentials click on Windows Credentials and scroll down Generic credentials until you find something relating to LibreOffice or Calc, click the down arrow which will expose a link Remove, click it.

BTW you can use the upload icon to upload images, see How to use site

Rather than giving a picture of About LibreOffice, just click the button next to Version Information to copy the information and paste the text into questions

Thanks. I found what you recommended, but there’s nothing to do with Libre Office. However, I do understand what you are saying the area that the solution should be, which I didn’t know before. You gave me a direction to look, in general, for a solution, so thanks!