#value problem when referencing another cell

I have this formula in a cell, =IF(J27>0,SUMPRODUCT(($B$22:$B$62)=$J27,$D$22:$D$62),"").
I reference this cell with =IF(K26>0,K26/$D$10,"") but in this second cell I get #value .
Can you not reference a cell which has a formula in?
Any help would be appreciated.

We don’t know if “a cell” and “this cell” are K26.
We don’t klnow the value coming from J27.
And, of course we don’t know anything about D10 (except the address).

You might ask "What can be the reason for the error message “#VALUE!”? (Quote exactly, please.)
Not knowing anything specific to your case, I can only tell that this is the error message shown (e.g) in many cases if one of the operands of an aritrhmetic expression is a string.

Thank You Lupp for your reply.
This project is for personal investments, so all cells are filled with dollar amounts.
Mistake in second formula. Should be K27.
First formula in K27. IF J27 populated then SUMPRODUCT populates K27.
Second formula in P27 . IF K27 populated then value taken from K27 and =IF(K27>0,K27/$D$10,"")
If K27 has a value in it then P27 has correct value. If K27 has no value then P27 reads #Value.

I just don’t want to have a column full of #Value.

Thank You for your time.

Perhaps ISBLANK() may be what you need.

Thank robleyd. Never heard of ISBLANK.

So I tried =IF(ISBLANK(K27)," ",K27/$D$10) but with same result. #Value still in P27

Thanks robleyd. I had never heard of ISBLANK, which didn’t work for me, but it got me thinking and I tried ISNUMBER, and this worked.

Thanks again.