Value too long in statement

I have read all the feedback on similar question regarding this issue and still find no solution.
The specific error message:
Value too long in statement [UPDATE “[TABLE_NAME]” SET “[FIELD_NAME]” = ? WHERE “[TABLE_KEY]” = ?]

Whether in the table directly attempting to modify a column contents or in a form that references the column, I get this error. I have insured that the field lengths are much larger than the update I am attempting to apply.

For example, a column value for field Business_Descrip is initially = “Effective date”. I attempted to modify the contents to say “Effective data of the policy”. The error is generated.

Here is what I did to establish my initial tables with my LibreOffice based on video on this topic:

  1. I created a table in LO and set the length of the field Business_Descrip to be 300; the field is not a key.
  2. I defined the 14 other fields with lengths well exceeding the largest length of the source data
  3. I opened up an Excel spreadsheet with LO’s spreadsheet program and saved it as an ODS spreadsheet.
  4. I then pasted the LO spreadsheet data into the LO table and saved it successfully

My sense is that the LO process of pasting spreadsheet data is automatically establishing the length of all the table’s columns the max value defined. So if a 14 character value “Effective date” is pasted in a 300-lengh BUSINESS_DESCRIP cell, the length of this field is being established as 300.

What I tried to do to resolve this:

  1. I checked the length of all spreadsheet cells and redefined them with a TRIM statement in Excel
  2. This insured that I was only pasting/importing the data itself with no trailing blanks
  3. I rebuilt the table data (very painstaking!)
  4. This multi-hour effort did not help LO calculate the field length. I got the same “Value tooo long” error

I have spent many hours working on a new application for my company and have touted LO as a great alternative to other similar products. But I am at a standstill and may need to abandon this effort. Any help getting past this problem is appreciated.