Values not appearing in base listbox

When a listbox with value-list links to a fixed width field, the existing value is not not displayed in the form.

The attached database contains a table with a VARCHAR field (ITEMV) and a CHAR field (ITEMF). The Form ListTest contains two drop-down listboxes with specified value-lists. The ITEMV box works as expected. The ITEMF box does not display existing data, although it can insert or modify it.

When the listbox is governed by an sql statement, it works correctly

Unless there is a logic behind this, it looks like a bug.


EDIT: Now filed as bug 120640.

Ubuntu 18.04 LO


This appears to be a bug. Please report it and be kind enough to post Bug # back here. Also note in the bug this is Firebird related as you did not mention this in your question.

If the field is changed from Text (fix) [CHAR] to Text [VARCHAR] it works properly. Problem is related to field type.