VB.net object types for export to calc


I am exporting a datatable from vb.net to a calc range. this works well with int32 and string data
but fails when the column in the datatable is a decimal or date.

I can convert the values as needed but I cant find which types to use. If I use string then all the numeric vales are text and need to be right aligned and set as numeric. I was hoping to do this in one shot.

The error I get is below, any help is appreciated!

System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException: ‘InterfaceOleWrapper_Impl::Invoke :
[automation bridge]UnoConversionUtilities:variantToAny
The provided VARIANT of type" 14" is unappropriate for conversion!’

Please edit the question to show the relevant lines of code that produced the error. Be sure to indent 4 spaces so that it is formatted properly.