VBA form lost on save?

OK, I"m investigating the use of Excel VBA macros directly by LO.
it appears that LO does not save any VBA Userforms when saving.
I happen to have both Excel and LO 6.3
Here’s what i did:
(following in EXCEL until noted)

  1. create a new EXCEL workbook
  2. record a short macro
  3. create a userform (userform1) with a listbox and a command button
  4. write code (in the macro) that takes the contents of cells A1 to A8 and ADDS them to the listbox, then SHOW the userform
  5. set the command button to HIDE the userform.
    (end of macro)

Now open the file with Libreoffice. File opens fine. Running the macro (module under VBAProject) indeed shows the properly populated list box, and the command button works as intended.

UNTIL i SAVE the file.

Then the form goes away. appears it is not saved. re-opened the file with EXCEL and no form.
if i don’t save the file, i can open it multiple times in LO, it all works. Just once i SAVE the file, the userform is gone.

Am i doing something stupid?

OK, after further checking, The userform IS saved if the spreadsheet is saved as .ODS file, but NOT if saved as XLS file.
so… a bug in the XLS save type.

I came here because I am having exactly the same problem. Form and macro work great in xlsx until I save the spreadsheet and open it again, and then the form has disappeared. It works fine with ODS files. Unfortunately I have a problem with ods because my filters don’t work properly in ods, so I really need xlsx.