VBA Script Conversion - BASIC runtime error. '35' Toolbars


I have used Libra Office for many years. This is my first time dealing with a VBA script. This is about possible conversion of the script so it may work in LibreOffice Calc. I have also used EXCEL alot in my professional career, but never had Microsoft Office on my home system having never used Windows on my home system. I am looking for advise and pointers that will hopefully allow me to convert this spreadsheet to work in LibreOffice. I have lots of varied and diverse IT experience over a number of years. I am not afraid to write or convert code, but VBA is new to me be it EXCEL or LibreOffice so I am green to VBA scripting and how it interfaces in this case to a spreadsheet.

I recently was sent a link to a spreadsheet used in EXCEL that also is supposed to use the “SOLVER32.DLL” of 16 November 2000. That is not a typo for the dll date. There are two files involved, a .xls file and a .xla file. The .xla file is called “SOLVER.XLA”. My understanding is the “SOLVER.XLA” is an EXCEL extension, and it is my understanding the VBA script/extension has user VBA. I am assuming, possibility incorrectly, the user VBA is within the .xls file.

When I open the spreadsheet .xls file the error “BASIC runtime error. ‘35’ Toolbars” occurs with “Toolbars(“STS-1”).Visible = True” line of what I suspect is VBA script highlighted. I know this i user VBA code because of the “STS-1” reference in the code is user specific and context for the intent of the spreadsheet.

The related code to the above noted error is:

Rem Attribute VBA_ModuleType=VBAModule
Option VBASupport 1
Public SolverFlag As Boolean

Private Sub Auto_Open()

    Toolbars("STS-1").Visible = True
    Toolbars("STS-1").ToolbarButtons(3).OnAction = "RunSolver"
    Toolbars("STS-1").ToolbarButtons(4).OnAction = "SpringSolve"
    Toolbars("STS-1").ToolbarButtons(5).OnAction = "SavePlotData"
    Toolbars("STS-1").ToolbarButtons(6).OnAction = "LoadPlotData"
    Toolbars("STS-1").ToolbarButtons(7).OnAction = "SetChartTitles"
    Toolbars("STS-1").ToolbarButtons(8).OnAction = "ProtectAll"
End Sub

Private Sub Auto_Close()

    Toolbars("STS-1").Visible = False

End Sub

My sense is the above code is likely in the spreadsheet .xls file. Is there a simple way to confirm the above source is in the .xls file?

If more information is needed or I need to provide the .xls and .xla files please advise. Be aware the spreadsheet is very complex and very mathematical.

The version of LibreOffice being used is Version:

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I have not seen how I can specifically mark all the sample code as code.

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