Ver 7 crashing and not opening

Win7 Pro 64

I had ver 7.0.3.
Working on a .ots and clicking Enter for new line it crashed and did not reopen (click and nothing happens).
Repaired → restarted PC → nothing
restarted PC → OK

Today again:
Crash as above
Installed ver 7.0.4 and restarted, repaired a couple of time but click to start LO and nothing happens.

Tried clicking on file, on LO-icon, files (all types).

Do you have any hint?


For starters, try resetting your user profile.

Did you already try to reset your LibreOffice user profile to factory settings (see Help -> Restart in Safe Mode and the options you could chose from in the dialog)?

PS: If LibreOffice does not start anymore the normal way - search in Windows Menu for

image description

In parenthesis (abgesicherter Modus) translates to (Safe Mode) in English.

Sorry, clicked on answer…
New crash report

In the meantime it started safe, I checked nearly all options but id does not tell anything about the file that was open as it crashed.

I have and registrymodifications.xcu if needed.

I have not installed new extensions since months, just updated LanguageTool.


I’ve done and choosed first option: it starts only in safe mode and has crashed.
Report at

I’ve worked on an ods and crashed again.
Starting again safe mode I get LO starting popup loading extensions and actually keeps looping about ten times saying:
Synchronizing shared/bundled extension repository.
No soffice and bin shown in running process list where I have clr_optimization _V2.0.50727 32/64 and V4.0.30319 32/64 never seen before.

Uninstall with Revo, Ccleaner for registry and install again?
Await and thanks.

This isn’t an answer. Click on more at bottom right of this “answer” and select repost as comment.

Safe Mode doesn’t load extensions so the description is from running LO normally.

I would guess that the last extension is causing the problem. Start in Safe Mode and disable Language Tools extension (Ctrl+Alt+E, select the extension and click Disable). Restart LO normally and see if it crashes, if not then you have identified the problem. If LO crashes with Language Tool disabled then you need to reset you user profile.

backup user folder

Close LO. In File Explorer (Win+E), in the View tab, tick the box Hidden items.

Navigate to C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\LibreOffice\4 right-click and drag the folder user to a blank space just below and release, click the context menu Copy here and it will create a copy of the user folder in case things go sour. Leave folder open for now

Reopen LO in Safe mode and tick the box Restore from backup > Restore user configuration to the last known working state and press button Apply changes and Restart. If it all works the carry on with using LO like everybody else.

If not then try the button Reset to factory settings > Reset settings and user interface modifications. This should fix most issues. If not the Reset entire user profile will reset everything back to factory settings.

If you did select the entire user profile option then all your autocorrect and templates will have gone. This is why we saved a copy. A new user folder will be created. Drag your data folders back into the new user folder: Autocorrect, Autotext, backup, template, wordbook.

Hope this helps. Cheers, Al

Hi, Al!

LanguageTool (appears with, I guess, far-east characters in the Extensions Manager) was updated mid Dec 2020, and till first time LO crashed (Jan 8th) I worked on odp and odt.

Now it’s all OK without executing the procs you kindly described to me and I’m working from this morning on a complex ods in “normal mode”.
Strange enough, isn’t it?

Perhaps Java? I have set 1.8.0_271 (the only one I have).
LO ver x64 build dcf040e67528d9187c66b2379df5ea4407429775


It frequently happens that Windows installs updates and waits to restart. Between the installation of updates and restart, things might not work as expected. Sometimes one update is dependent on another having been installed so it might take two restarts with time in between to have a stable system. Regardless of how urgent or important the work I am doing, I always close everything and restart if I see that Windows has installed an update.