verify bugfix

I am asking this here because I cannot find the info in the help for, and asking there isn’t supported.

Is the reporter of a bug expected to verify the fix after a bug was resolved, and is he expected to set the VERIFIED flag if the fix works for him?

(There are 14 fixed bugs I reported, and three of them are marked VERIFIED by someone else.)

Personally I suppose that VERIFIED mark itself is optional. Of course, it’s great if the verification is performed by OP; but it’s unrealistic to expect each bug reporter to be active at the time of the fix; you are perfectly aware of our average fix rate :wink: - so Xisco, being the TDF QA engineer, does much work to verify himself. Of course, if OP disagrees, it’s perfectly OK to jump in and write details what doesn’t work (I’m stating the obvious, of course, but needs to be mentioned for anyone else reading this: one needs to clearly realize that the request topic could somewhat change compared to initial report, e.g. become narrower, and so it’s essential to verify specifically actual topic, not the possibly broader initial one).

Thanks @mikekaganski, and: Would you consider (feel sure enough) to post the most relevant parts of your comment as an answer?