Verifying fails

I downloaded and installed LibreOffice 5.4.2 and tried to open it. A window pops up saying “Verifying…” and then hangs. I have to reboot to close that window. I tried version 5.3.6 and it does the same. I have an old Mac Pro desktop from late 2008 and running OSX 10.9.5. Am I missing something?

btw…why does the captcha keep coming up in different languages?

This is probably most helpful topic on this (posting here to help others seeking for solution):

I left the verify window running this time and after about 15 minutes it finally started up. It seems to be running OK now.

I have seen mentions that installing Java makes difference here; not sure why is that so; it shouldn’t be. Could you please confirm if that matters, and if so, create an issue in our Bugzilla? (I don’t have a Mac to check)