Version (Build ID: 58f22d5)- Calc - conditional formatting problems

Installed on Windows XP SP3, still looking for a good Linux distro for my purposes.

I really appreciate the hard work that goes into a project like this. Thanks.

However I have to ask why the last few upgrades have all forced me to uninstall them and go back to previous versions.

Without sounding unappreciative, I have taken time to report bugs in the past when I used OpenOffice. Is there a better way to test prior to release to at least stop the more obvious problems getting through.

I have used the same calc/sheets every day for years to compile data, which has links to look-up tables. Having gotten around a few problems I now find that conditional formatting has gone and now that I have set it up using the new method, I now find that it does not cut and paste across the sheets as it did. Not life threatening, but I now keep missing prompts due to cells not being highlighted.

Is this an XP problem, (thought), I may try this out in VirtualBox with Linux later or is it more general.

I apologise for being a bit vague, but time constraints dictate.


This is a reported bug:

until when could it possibly fixed?

Difficult to know. Recently I have had serious discrepancies with the developer about other questions on the new conditional formatting. Could be, add your comment in the bug o report a new one, can help to regain the developer’s attention.

See for developer comments in this bug report.

Mariosv notes that this has been filed as a bug. The bug is now fixed:

  • fdo#54748 - EDITING: CONDITIONAL FORMATTING not included in copy-paste cell - RESOLVED DUPLICATE of bug 56316
  • fdo#56316 - EDITING: CONDITIONAL FORMATTING not included in copy-paste cell - VERIFIED FIXED