Version A text document has some text off the page on the right , how do I fix it?

Do you ever answer the question? How do I get an answer. I can’t even figure out how to ask the question on this stupid website. There isn’t enough room to type the question.

I’ll ask it here. I typed text in writer. It was ok at first but now when I open it, the right side of the text is off the page and nothing will get it back on the page. What is going on?

I think you tried to type your answer into the search box at first. But you figured it out as I can see.

From your description it is hard to tell what is going on. Please upload your document somewhere and post a link here, then we could take a look.

As the question was upvoted many seem to be interested / have the problem. Might anybody be able to attach a SMALL odt showing the issue?

The upvoter was me so that after two upvotes leroy could upload the file here if he would like to (requires 15 points).

3 karma points – and you can upload files.

Check that the right margin has not been extended to the page edge. A simple check is to look at the page format - go to FORMAT on the menu bar, select PAGE and then change the right margin size to the default of 2.54cm or 1 inch.


You can also check the margin handle in the ruler bar margin handles.jpg but make sure you first select the para or text block that is giving you trouble.