Version will not open SOME CorelDraw ver. 12 files

In any given folder LibreOffice will open some cdr files but not others. When it fails it does not create a temporary file, and the display only shows a red star in the middle. It does open other files in the same folder though. CorelDraw does open the files correctly.

I am a new user- what are some things I can do to open those files?

Please share an example file that cannot be open. Possibly there’s an issue to be reported at LO Bugzilla.

I found the answer! I was looking for page tabs along the bottom like I had in CorelDraw. Then I noticed the Slide X of X instead. Can’t recall what I did to get the view of the pages along the left side of the Draw window, but there they are, all the pages.

The writers of the LibreDraw program should be consistent with the slide/page terminology.