Version 5.3 - Calc strange font-rendering

I just installed version 5.3 and I notice some strange font-rendering in Calc.

I first noticed that the column sizes in my Calc documents have changed (they became larger/wider) and I also noticed that some fonts are a bit squeezed together (don’t know if that’s the correct term).

So my question is … what is causing this? Has something been changed to the way the fonts are rendered? Has an option been added which I should disable? What is going on?

What could have caused the columns to become wider and the fonts pushed together?

Anyone who can tell me?

LibreOffice 5.3 highlights

LibreOffice 5.3 offers a number of interesting new features in every area: a new cross-platform text layout engine that uses HarfBuzz for consistent text layout on all platforms, with significant advantages across languages and alphabets

Thanks for your reply. Do I understand correctly that this is ‘the new way’ and it can’t be changed? So I just have to get used to this new style of font-rendering? Can you confirm?

** BUMP **

Can anyone tell me if I can change this new way of font-rendering?

Or is it just something I’ll have to get used to?