version 6.0.1 unusable (macOS 10.13.3) with OpenGL activated

It randomly (but almost always craches) when opening files or creating new ones, then relaunches and freezes when trying to recover documents, or crashes again if you say not to recover them.

Apparently no crash report is created, so I can’t attach one.

[edit : in safe mode, no crash… I keep investigating]

[edit 2 : disabled OpenGL rendering => solves the problem. I have a end 2012 iMac with a NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M graphic adapter]

This site is to help people use LibreOffice, it’s not a bug tracking system. I think this is a known issue, but you can search Bugzilla and file a new bug report or comment on existing one. Bugzilla site is a good place for what you’re communicating. Just be aware that information posted there is permanent and publicly visible (this may include e-mail adress). Hope you become active member of community.

I just checked, you are right - a patch has been written and should be in 6.1.0 - Anyway I think it is interesting to have the info here because most people won’t look in Bugzilla.

Known bug. Should be corrected in 6.1.0, but until then disabling OpenGL is fine.

Anyway should work fine without OpenGL active.

Also experiencing this issue.
Not only does scrolling performance have diminished majorly (even if setting higher values in the now hidden memory / caching options), but trying to enable OpenGL causes crashes. This is a MacBook Pro with Radeon 550 graphics, running High Sierra.

On my Windows 10 machine everything is running super fast.