Version LibreOffice Help download, please

Just started using Libre Office. Went to Help menu item and it says I don’t have Libre Office built-in Help installed.
Says to go to website, but gives no link.
I go to the website and do not see the download in the menus nor do I see a search capability.

I go to the website and do not see the download in the menus

  1. Go to (you have already done);
  2. Click “Download” menu at the top;
  3. Choose “Download LibreOffice”;
  4. Choose “Help for offline use: [Your LibreOffice UI Language Here]” under the proper version and architecture of LibreOffice (e.g., make sure that x86-64 is selected under Operating System if you use x86-64 version of LibreOffice), or click “need another language?” if your LibreOffice UI language is different from what is shown in the link above (e.g., you need en-UK, but en-US is suggested in the "Help for offline use: " link).

And yes, I realize that I didn’t answer the direct question “WHY??”. Well - hopefully the answer above is enough substitution…

Thank you, Mike Kaganski. I was just going to state that I had found the answer you supplied!
It was “hidden in plain site”
Not sure why the dropdown cannot also include the link to the file, or for that matter why the file is not included in the original download.

Appreciate your prompt response!!

Because help files are different for different languages, unlike the program installer itself - to minimize download size, and so user needs to select the language. Polluting menus with all kinds of downloads makes little sense (it will become crowded and unusable).

There’s a request (tdf#124992) to only have one help installer for all languages, but then it would be sizeable, so some users would still prefer separate downloads of LO and help installers.

By the way: could you tell why people see the box named “Propose your solution”, and still use it to leave replies/comments, instead of using Comment?