version 6 print preview and print problem

when i pressed print preview (ctrl+shift+o) right border line does’nt shown on the preview page and when print the page it does not print the right border line.

I tried to narrow down last column but noting changes.

I tried to open same document on LO 5 or LO 4 version it printed and previewed as expected.

I would suppose what you expect to be rendered as the right border of your range is created as the left border of the adjacent column. The effect is the same in many versions.

Select a two-columns-range and set the vertical middle border as you want it. It should be rendered then for the print independent of the question if that line is at the edge of the print range.

(I will not discuss whether or not the actual behaviour is a bug.)

I can’t give a solution as I have the same problem. My Libra documents don’t want to speak to my printer although other documents do. Does anyone have an answer?. This is getting far too complicated and time consuming for me. I will probably have to buy Word or something to survive.