version for Libre office on Citrix Xendesktop with windows 2012 platform??


We are getting high CPU utilization on VM & reaching 100 % sometime. This is causing VM to go in hung state , even after assigning 8 -16 CPU’s per VM we are observing this behavior . Team have found “LIBRA OFFICE “ application causing this issue.

Libre office has been installed on Citrix Xendesktop with windows 2012 platform and users accessing application with hosted shared desktop ( virtual desktop).

version installed:
Build ID: 63150712c6d317d27ce2db16eb94c2f3d7b699f8

Please let us know compatibility of Libre version for WIndows 2012 server.

Kidnly support for issue.

Pramod Shinde
+91 93 22 993183

Libre 32 bit application running on windows 2012 64bit enviornment… is this causing issue of high CPU utilization