Vertical alignment isn't working in merged cells

I’ve downloaded spreadsheet with styles and I need to keep them. When I merge cells, text sticks to the bottom of the cell. How to fix it? image description

Show a sample file.

What do you mean? I can send Dropbox link.

A good option.

I will check your file a bit later. Or someone else will.

Merged cells work fine with vertical alignment. Your see not a problem with merged cells, but a problem with conditional formats.

Your spreadsheet uses conditional formatting; that formatting applies styles to cells depending on some conditions. So just note that any style defines, among other things, vertical formatting. All your conditional styles are bottom-aligned. That alignment (through conditional formatting) takes precedence over the formatting that you apply using direct assignment of styles, or using direct formatting.

Modify your conditional styles, and set them aligned to middle vertically.

Thank you!


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