Vertical "Fill" Gap to Get Text at Bottom of Page

I am making a program. I have several headings for each item on the agenda. I need some space after one of the headings to allow space for participants to take notes. I have a couple more headings after the “note” space and would like those remaining headings to land at the bottom of their page. (I believe LaTeX uses \vfill for this.) I have been making several empty paragraphs for this, but I’m hopeful there’s a better way.

(I believe LaTeX uses \vfill for this.)

I think M$-Word don’t use it and any ather Office-Suites also.

I am not aware of it for LibreOffice.

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Would an empty TextFrame or a one-cell TextTable do the trick for you?

@Lupp Thank you for the tip. I checked vertical-alignment and this is one of only five questions with that tag. The others are unrelated as far as I can tell.

It looks like your program document is page-oriented rather than flow-oriented (where the location of page breaks usually doesn’t matter). If it is at most 10 pages long, a better application could be Scribus (FOSS) or Quark XPress (commercial).

@ajlittoz It sounds like you’re saying that libreoffice writer is not geared toward page-oriented layouts. That makes sense. Much of it is not particularly sensitive to page breaks, but there is a title page and a last page that have special requirements. Thank you for the suggestions!

If first and last pages are “special” and other pages are flow-oriented, i.e. page breaks don’t matter, this kind of layout can be handled by Writer. But if your data must be precisely positioned in a page with lot of space in between and this arrangement repeated on every page, then this is not a job for Writer.