Vertical header in text document

is it possible to have a vertical header in a LibO text document?

Consider this example: .
What I need in the right “column” is a fixed content, automatically repeated on each and every page (pretty much like a standard header).

Tried with tables, frames, playing with page layout and headers, all without luck.

Any hint pls?
Thank you.

Update: The document is meant to be a business letterhead. I know it’s feasible with other applications, but I just need to use Writer.

@Jiero: Thanks anyway.

@oweng: I can’t understand how to make a text box repeating. Sure I can put it in the header, which is repeated, but then if I change the text box dimensions the header changes too. And header dimensions are constrained, I see.

I don’t understand what you mean by " then if I change the text box dimensions the header changes too". I have edited my answer to include a basic example. Hopefully it will help.

Writer have master page as well. File - New - Master and give it a try.

@oweng: Thanks a lot for practical the example. I guess what I missed is basically to add the logo rectangle, the vertical thin textbox and the vertical line to the header and anchor them to the paragraph. Right?
When I tried I was just playing with the header dimensions to make it cover the whole (and only) right side, which is indeed not possible (of course).

@jiero: good hint as well, thank you too.

Yes. That is the default anchoring and this case it works best.

In simple terms, yes, you can create a layout as shown in the linked document, however the methods required in Writer are not especially elegant. The repeating content in the sidebar needs to be placed in a text box in the header area. Refer this answer. A long thin text box can be made to drop down the side of a page. Note that using a text box in this manner may make the document less portable i.e., do not expect it to translate well to other file formats, or at least test this if it is a requirement.

EDIT: Here is a basic example using a text box in the manner described. Download the file and rename from JPG to ZIP. Extract the ODT and PDF.

Textbox is looking well, but I would like to add some fields (bookmarks) and macros inside this “side pane”. As I understand, textboxes cannot contain such items (tried to copy paste bookmark fields from document body to the textbox - fields were not pasted as would in main body). Any ideas on how to add fields inside such “side placed” header?

Answer → Use frame instead. It can stick out from the header, but also can contain fields.

Edit once again: Unfortunately, frames do not allow executing macros from fields, so only bookmarks are possible so far… :confused:

Please learn to use LibreOffice Draw. This is a layout question.

setup a master page to include all parts that you want to be repeated. You can have multiple master page.

I am confused by your “Draw” and “master page” references. Why would Draw be the application of choice for office stationary page layout? I can understand creating a logo / sidebar graphic in Draw and placing this in a Writer document header, but that does not appear to be what you are suggesting. The Master Page facility in Draw would only be useful if you are proposing to type up letters in Draw. If you mean use OLE (link Draw graphic to header area of Writer) can you provide an example?