Vertical text not working


I have just updated to Ubuntu 14.04.
In this version, libreoffice no longer supports vertical text in Chinese writing.
Usually I could find it in PAGE but it no longer worked.
Could you tell me how to solve this problem?

Thank you!


Which version of LibreOffice you use? In Ubuntu 14.04, LibreOffice 4.2 is default.
Now I have LibreOffice 4.2beta and LibreOffice 4.3 in my environment, Ubuntu 14.04. For me, vertical writing works well in Japanese to select “format → page → page tab → text direction” to “Right-to-left (vertical)”

Please describe your procedure in more detail; e.g., about language setting, and which font you use.

I have updated Libreoffice to and your method also don’t work in this version.
There is no TEXT DIRECTION in PAGE which I could change words to vertical style.

PS. I am writing in Chinese using Chinese-chewing typeing method, but Libreoffice is in English. The font I use the most is AR PL Uming CN.

Sorry long time no response. Have you checked “Option > Language Settings > Languages > Default language for documents > Asian,” and select “Chinese (xxx)”? In my case, I checked it set the lang to “Japanese” and I can see TEXT DIRECTION setting in PAGE. If unchecked, I have no TEXT DIRECTION.