Very large spreadsheets enabled breaks automatic text wrapping; sheet controls missing in flatpak version

Two issues:
It seems enabling the experimental “very large spreadsheets” in LO Calc breaks automatic text wrapping of cells: contents in cells partially appear; there is a small triangle that appears on the right hand side of the cell that has automatic text wrapping enabled; rows are distorted. This is an issue in both flatpak and repo versions of LO and respectively.

In the flatpak version, the sheet controls are always missing (whether experimental features are enabled or not)

Using OpenSUSE Leap 15.3. All updates (from repos and flatpak) are applied, rebooted, relogged-in, …

Thanks for your help.


Text not being wrapped and grid misaligned (row 1 is tall but has several grid rows displayed) when “very large spreadsheets” is enabled appears to be a bug. tdf#148944 looks related.