video not displaying in impress

I have been trying to familiarise myself with Impress so that I can get my Grandchildren using it on their new Laptops but I am having trouble putting video, mp4 or mpeg, into a presentation. When I run the slideshow all I get is the audio. The video will run once when selecting it from file but it only does this the once all I an get subsequently is the audio.
I have updated to the latest version of LO 6.4. I am running win10

I was trying to make a presentation with Impress but couldn’t get it to run any video, all that it did was play the soundtrack against a black background. I was doing this on my desktop and had updated LO to the 6.4 issue before I started
I struggled for days reading and looking for information all over including youtube etc.
I went onto my laptop which still has LO 6.3 and when I tried the same on there I got a message saying MP3 format not supported, so I changed the video to AVI and it loaded and ran ok. So I went back to my desktop with the 6.4 LO and tried with AVI video on there… 6.4 is not accepting and playing Video in MP3, MPEG, or AVI. I think think this is a bug with this issue.

Can this help?

Media Support

I have tried different file types, mpeg mp4 wmv with no luck now. There are a load of media players on my Win !0 installation and if I try my clip in any of them it plays no problem. I can’t get my impress presentation to accept it. I have tried it linked and not linked. I still get the odd occasion when it will play through once so there is a player operating somewhere.
When I “insert audio or video” the controls panel show but it tells me there is no media selected. then if I click play it will show the selected media in the selected media panel but only play the sound against a black background.
Really frustrated.
I have read through the Media Support but It doesn’t mean a lot to me and it seems to be based on tests done on Win7 or XP.

I have even installed VLC as recommended (I Think)
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