View Freeze rows/columns CTL+HOME does not stop at freeze-point

The menu command to View / Freeze rows/columns works for scrolling - the rows above the freeze-point stay visible while the rows below are scrolled downwards.

But pressing CTL+HOME “should” bring the selected cell to the first row under the freeze-point.
Instead CTL+HOME always goes to cell A1.

This is not the expected work-alike to Excel.

Is there a different command or LibreOffice method for this functionality?


Why should it be like Excel? It’s fine this way for me. It’s a different way of think and do own work.

Please, don’t use Add Answer to comment.

You don’t revealed what is the layout of your spreadsheet, but a workaround could be to press Ctrl+Shift+T, and replace the current reference with the one of the cell below and to the left of the freeze-point. Also Ctrl+ arrows could be useful here.

hi LeroyG - I’m glad Calc is fine this way for you. Is there something about using the word “Excel” that offends you? I’m sorry to upset you. As a long-time Excel user, there are keyboard shortcuts that I have relied on for navigating. My question is only meant to refer to Excel’s user-interface/keyboard shortcuts, which, in many other contexts, LibreOffice uses. The UserGuide describes Ctrl+Shift+T as “Moves the cursor to the Name Box field on the Formula bar” and then you suggest that I edit the reference. I regret to say that that is not an approach that I can use. But, thank you for your reply.

Hello @freddie_tane, Excel don’t upset me. Sometimes I need to use it for work reasons.

I understand your point about navigation (I myself needed to adapt to some Calc changes at the versions advance), but I can’t give you a better answer without seeing what do you have. At least a screenshot with the freezed rows and columns +1 row and column.

Thanks, I would provide a screenshot but I don’t see any way to add one? (sorry, newbie here)

Click edit below your question and use the paper clip to upload a sample file (remove all sensible data before).

Nice! See, I’ve already learned from you on this thread! Thanks!

Seen your screenshot, there are two three keys ways:

  • Press Home and Ctrl+Arrow Up or
  • Press Ctrl+Home and Arrow Down

I will try another options, but don’t promisse anything better.