View notes on Startup in Impress

Is there a way to open the notes in a small window at startup in Impress? I receive many presentations that I need to read - I never modify them. Quite rarely, they include notes that are important for me. In PowerPoint, these were visible by default. I miss this feature because I regularly forget to check whether a presentation includes notes.

Hello @Zeralda,

Just to be sure, did you mean the Notes that are shown if you select the menu "View : Notes" ?

There is an old enhancement request that presenter notes be available in normal view as a scrolling pane but no ETA.

So, other than menu "View : Notes, answer is “no”.

Thank you - in the meantime I have gotten used to going to the notes view every time I launch the programme. I still think it would make sense to allow the user to set this as a default, though.

Another frequent problem is that the font size in the notes seem to be set randomly; I haven’t found a way to change it for all slides at once so when they don’t fit on the screen, I have to manually change the notes slide by slide. Have I missed anything there?

Out of curiosity: what is an ETA?