View PDF after export doesn't work

It sounds ridiculous but this simple thing won’t work for me. I’ve tried several LibreOffice versions from 6 to 7. Any ideas? LibreOffice Writer. A mark “view pdf after export” is checked but completely nothing happens after exporting it. I’m using PDF X-Change Editor as a standard pdf reader now. Was previously using PDF X-Change Viewer and it was exactly the same. I’m on Windows 10 1909.

You might need to set PDF X-Change Editor as the default for pdf. From the Start Menu in Windows click Settings > Apps > Default Apps > Choose default applications by file type. Scroll down to .pdf and just across from that it probably says “Choose a default”, click on that and scroll down to PDF X-Change Editor.

I have just changed mine from Acrobat to PDF X-Change Editor and it opened in that without problem. Cheers, Al

If you have updated Windows from an earlier version to 1909 then your defaults will likely have been reset to “Choose a default” so what you did on Day 1 is ignored by Windows now.

It’s set as a default pdf reader, since day 1.

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