Views in Impress: only way to edit slideshow?

When I am working on a slideshow I seem to have to switch between Normal and Overview views constantly. I cannot edit a slide in the Outline view and I cannot add or duplicate a slide in the Outline view. (Well, I can, apparently, but only the text, and not the placement of objects, and I lost slides and parts of texts when I had a selection just wrong.)
Is this the usual way of working with Impress or am I missing something completely? It is rather annoying this way so I cannot imagine this is the right way.


No, it is not the usual way of working with Impress. The outline feature is not sufficiently fleshed out for such workflow.

Outline view serves to have an overview of the contents of your slide. The only content you see and edit there is the outlined content, i.e., slide title and bullet points. You can reorder that content (promote, demote, move up, move down). All other graphics you may want to add are not managed here. Adding a slide means entering a new top level entry.

Switching between the two views certainly does not work well, the more as the Outline view resets each time you switch back and forth. It is also easy to completely mess up your slides if you are not careful in overview mode.

I hardly if ever use that view myself. Ctrl+M creates a new slide. From there, it is easy enough to type out the content directly in the place holders for title and bullet points, and add graphics, and do any further editing.