virus scanner

After scanning the computer for viruses I found thes file jquery-ui.min.js and the whole map
libreoffice/share/basic as doubtful.
Are there any versions of Libreoffice without share function?
I tried to look after, and windows share is the same.
My computer has linux OS.


My computer has linux OS

There are thousands of Linux distro. Which is yours? LO version?

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It Is Linux Zorin15

And how do you “virus-scan” your Ubuntu 18.04 based GNU/Linux distribution (product)?

Zorin OS advertises a look-and-feel like Windows for ease of conversion. Wine is installed to allow to execute Windows applications. However, if you launch a Windows virus scanner, results will be totally irrelevant because the underlying OS and the file system architecture are different.

I scan with ClamTk. It goes well, only by scanning the “files” map it gives 87 problems. The whole share map. Can I switch this map out? I never use share.

Not familiar with ClamTk. Various sources note its high rate of false positive. Which diagnostic(s) do you get?

The /usr/share directory is an important one for all distributions. You can’t and must not delete it otherwise your computer will no longer work. It contains auxiliary data for applications, among others for the desktop manager (in charge of the graphic interface).

.../libreoffice/share/basic.. is required (it is part of the libreofficex.y-core-* package), and ClamAV scanner seems to be paranoid. You may be interested in security - Clamtk reports these LibreOffice files as possible threats. Are they safe? - Ask Ubuntu, which in fact means that ClamTK considers each tool and functionality of LibreOffice provided by means of macros as a threat (Interesting: Scanning default installation directories of TDF packages in /opt does not result in findings - at least on my openSUSE 15.2 test system).

Thank you forall your opinions and questions, I try to get on witout using (not with deleting) the function “share”. Thanks

You can use this,

That way only one file will be “doubtful” :slight_smile: