Visual C++ library runtime error and then "fixed" after Recovery Process

I saved a few different chapters from the getting started documents off of Libre Wiki. I went to open “creatingwebpages.odt” and I was shown a notice prompt stating:

Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library
Runtime Error!
Program: C:/programfiles/libreoffice 3.6/programs/soffice.bin
this application has requested the runtime to terminateit in an unusual way. Please contact support team for more info.

So it closed the program but when I went to open a different chapter “GS3508” it first allowed me to recover my previous document and they both worked?

Is this a bug or a need for a library update on my behalf?

Hi @Alive,

Sounds like you might have run into some weird software interaction. Was this a one-time occurrence, or has it repeated itself multiple times?

@Alive - update?