Visual studio missing dependiences in projects

Hello, I am trying to build libre office on windows 10. I downloaded cygwin and all packages for it. Also I have VS 2019 with older build tools, specially for this project (and I’ve downloaded VS 2015 too). What is I trying to do is to get Libre office working with visual studio. I have been put this into cygwin console after running

/opt/lo/bin/make vs2015-ide-integration

And I got plenty of projects inside LibreOffice.sln. The problem is that I cannot build them, well, most of them. I can build soffice, but It provides only dlls, as I understood (correct me if I wrong) but I want to build something executable. I looked at soffice_bin, but It reports on build /usr/bin/sh: line 1: C:/sources/LibreOffice/instdir/sdk/bin/cppumaker.exe: No such file or directory. Okey, looking for something named cppmaker. I’ve tried to build it and got linker error based on absence of iunoid1.lib.

How to figure out proper dependencies in VS? They are all empty. Probably some documentation? I will try to do everything from the beggining, probably I missed something.

I want to make everything as in this video


When you decide to build something (and LibreOffice is really complex “something”), you need to pay attention to details. Please follow the documentation here; and starting to list details that you missed, I should start with missing LibreOffice version/branch you are building. Then, the AskLibO site is for user questions; development-related questions should be asked at #libreoffice-dev at FreeNode, or on dedicated mailing list.

Depending on the version of LibreOffice you are building, vs2015-ide-integration may or may not work - and given that you have it working, I assume that you build something no newer than 6.1. But in any case, the documentation mentioned above states clearly, that the ide integration step must be performed only after a complete build of LibreOffice was successful! The LibreOffice build process is console-driven, and is not working from the IDE (only re-building some of the modules after modifications is possible from there).