Visualizing headings in the navigation panel

Hi dear,

I have downloaded a document from google drive as .odt, so I can open it with LibreOffice.
Now the problem is that there is no headings structure, even though there are some heading formats used, such as “Heading 1” or “Heading 2”.

See my navigator panel, has no headings

image description

But I use the headings (as provided by google in my downloaded document)

image description

How can I make these heading formats appear in the navigator headings?

Note: Of course, a further effect is that my table of contents appears empty, but that should be solved, when my headings appear in my navigator. :slight_smile:

Look at Tool → Chapter numbering. It seems that during import the association between heading styles and outline levels went lost.

Thanks for the short answer. It worked!

Thanks I finally solve my problem too!!!

The association between paragraph styles and outline levels is a bit more complex than @RGB-es’s answer…

A paragraph style is assigned an outline level in its Outline & Numbering tab. Thus any style can be allocated to a level. This is necessary when you want to number chapters numerically and annexes alphabetically at same level.

Note that you can’t remove Heading n from the outline structure unless you first remove it from Tools>Chapter Numbering. This is a safety measure.

Tools>Chapter Numbering defines the properties of the special list associated with outline. It is special because each level is formatted by a dedicated paragraph style, whereas an “ordinary” list has only a single paragraph style shared by all levels.

Assigning a level to a style not mentioned in Tools>Chapter Numbering means it will not be numbered (unless it is associated with some ad hoc user sequence counter (aka. a list style) but it is still collected in the TOC (because it has an outline level).

Only using paragraph style [None] in Tolls>Chapter Numbering will complete eliminate the level (both in text and TOC) but not in Navigator > Headings if the style is style flagged with a level.

TOC is an end-product: Writer collects all paragraphs having a level attribute and builds a TOC with them. You can customise TOC appearance by changing the styles in the Styles tab for the TOC. Note that the Level n referenced here are relative to the TOC (though derived from those in the text) and do not mention Heading n or any others because the source for TOC level n may come from several different paragraph styles whose appearance is unified in the TOC.

To sum up, if you see nothing in the Navigator and your TOC is empty:

  • check Tools>Chapter Numbering to see which paragraph style is associated to each level
  • if Heading n are already there, then the style definitions have been damaged; to fix:
    • verify if styles Heading n are assigned an outline level
    • if not, assign first style [None] to the offending levels (this will allow you to change levels in Heading n)
    • assign the correct level to Heading n
    • when done, restore the paragraph styles in Tools>Chapter Numbering

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Thanks a lot for the explanation! It complemented @RGB-es answer.