Vlookup() inside indirect()

I’m having trouble setting up a VLOOKUP formula that references another file when inside an INDIRECT function.

Here is an example:

Works fine:

A1: January /// B1: VLOOKUP(C3, ‘file:///C:/File.ods’#$January.C$1:E$10, 3, 0)

A2: February /// B2: VLOOKUP(C3, ‘file:///C:/File.ods’#$February.C$1:E$10, 3, 0)

A3: March /// B3: VLOOKUP(C3, ‘file:///C:/File.ods’#$March.C$1:E$10, 3, 0)

Doesn’t work

A1: January /// B1: INDIRECT(“VLOOKUP(C3, ‘file:///C:/File.ods’#$”&A1&".C$1:E$10, 3, 0)")

A2: February /// B2: INDIRECT(“VLOOKUP(C3, ‘file:///C:/File.ods’#$”&A2&".C$1:E$10, 3, 0)")

A3: March /// B3: INDIRECT(“VLOOKUP(C3, ‘file:///C:/File.ods’#$”&A3&".C$1:E$10, 3, 0)")

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

P.S.: Please note, C3 is a text value (such as someone’s name) to be searched in the array.

Hello @Michaud79,

The INDIRECT function requires a cell address string in the form “A1”.

If your VLOOKUP function returns a cell address string in the form “A1”, then you can omit the double quotation marks around it.

For further help please state the desired outcome of your formula.

INDIRECT should be inside VLOOKUP, not the other way around. So for B1:

=VLOOKUP($C$3; INDIRECT("'file:///C:/File.ods'#$"&A1&".C$1:E$10"); 3; 0)