VLookup searching for cell text in a range? Formula help?

I am trying to do a vlookup of a certain phrase in a cell that is or is not in a range of cells.

For example:
A1 says “apple pie”
I want to know if any of the range D1:D100 have the words “apple pie” specificaly. How can I write a formula for that using the “A1” instead of the actual words “apple pie”? I have a long list of “pies” if you will, that I need to check and see if they are in the range.


If you want to know if A1 is in D1:D100 you can use: =NOT(ISERROR(VLOOKUP(A1;D1:D100;1;0)))
but as VLOOKUP returns an error if doesn’t find the searched value, then we need to catch the error, the formula gives 1 (True) when finds the value.

Perhaps it’s clear with: =COUNTIF(D1:D100;A1), that counts how many times A1 is in D1:D100