VLOOKUP with text not working as expected

I’m running LibreOffice v. on a MacMini running MacOS Monterey v. 12.6.5.
I have a spreadsheet with two sheets. The first is named “FR_LOC” and the second “Verbs”.
“FR_LOC” has three columns (A, B, C) with Latin vocabulary words, where the verbs are in the infinitive form.
“Verbs” has 6 columns (A to F) with the first column being verbs in the infinitive form, then columns B-E give different forms of the infinitive form in the same row, followed by column F with English translations.
My array in “Verbs” extends from A1 to E1001.
I want to reference the infinitive forms in column A in sheet “FR_LOC” and pull the 4 other forms from columns 2-5 in sheet “Verbs”. Note that column A in “FR_LOC” contains other words, not only verbs, and will have fewer verbs than sheet “Verbs”.
My latest attempt looks like this. With the cursor in “FR_LOC” cell D1:
VLOOKUP(A1,Verbs.A1:E1001,2,0) renderd error “value not available”
Thinking this is because the word “a” is not a verb, I tried this:
VLOOKUP(A2,Verbs.A1:E1001,2,0) with the same error.

I also want to pull in columns 3-5 to columns E-G in “FR_LOC” once I figured out the problem.

Both sheets have all cells formatted as “Text” rather than the default “Number”.

[Sample file removed.]

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance…

By the way, I asked https://chat.openai.com/ and got very quick responses, almost instantly, with good advice. But the things it suggested didn’t give the expected results either. I thought maybe a human can do better.

So, in your sample file (thanks for that), which cell has the formula that doesn’t work, with an adjacent cell explaining what is your expected return value?

Both a and abducere (that are in FR_LOC.A1 and FR_LOC.A2) are absent in Verbs.A1:A1001 (the second one - because Verbs.A2 has " abducere" with a leading space!), so the #N/A result of VLOOKUP is correct. What specifically do you expect as the result, and why?

Thanks, Mike. The leading space was the problem. This VLOOKUP function is amazing, and saves so much time over manual input!