Vlookup wrong results

I’m facing a very annoying issue with vlookup in Calc that I can’t solve. vlookup returns wrong results with certain lists, no matter on what system or Windows version (I tried 3 different).
I’ve read tons of post here about and elsewhere about bad vlookup results, included everything about the famous sort order parameter. Using a sorted or unsorted list with the relative parameter the result are wrong.

I also tried to remove all bad characters form list(s) like normal and square brackets and dots.
I also disabled “allow regular expressions in formulas”. Anything solve the problem.

Example of the problem here (spreadsheet) and here (image). Any idea of where the problem is?

Try to change the formula to =IFERROR(VLOOKUP(A2;$B$2:$B$19;1;0);"") (Notice the last parameter VLOOKUP)

I have had similar problem myself where VLOOKUP finds the first match that contains the search string instead of exact match to the search string.

Under “Tools”, “Customise…”, expand “LibreOffice Calc”, select Calculate, and then check the option “Search criteria = and <> must apply to whole cells”.

To date this issue is still unresolved.
Seems like no one is aware of this problem or affected by it. Current version 5.3.6 still has the bug. Because it’s definitely a bug.

It’s a pretty annoying bug, I thought it was me making a mistake until I found this info here… Wish it could be solved somehow.