Want to uninstall v7.5.5.2 from windows10, but uninstaller is missing, & no entry in Add/Remove Progs

I have LibreOffice (v7.5.5.2) installed on my secondary drive (windows 10), and I want to uninstall it so that I can move it to my tertiary drive. However, there is no entry in Add/Remove Programs, and there is no uninstaller executable anywhere in the program directory.
I recently upgraded my computer such that I simply moved my secondary drive to access the preexisting installation. I don’t remember exactly how I did this, but it might have involved using the installer. I do recall needing to manually force windows to recognize LibreOffice as an “app” using a 3rd party program.

LibreOffice works normally and is my default program for its various applications. I have some older versions of LibreOffice archived and, when I checked, those were also missing the uninstaller. I don’t understand where the uninstaller went nor when it disappeared.

Maybe you have a portable version of the LibreOffice(?)

Your wording is different from what I know from Windows Control Center. Did you look there, or only inside LibreOffice and the LibreOffice-folder?

I was trying to figure that out, as I don’t remember. However, my LibreOffice stores data in %APPDATA%, so it probably isn’t portable.

I have checked both, Windows Settings > Apps > Apps & Feature and Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Programs and Features. The latter is just C:\Windows\System32\appwiz.cpl which is still called “Add-Remove Programs” even though the window says “Programs and Features.”
The list is the same, but I prefer the older style so I still call it “Add/Remove Programs.”

Many of my programs are not in the list because they weren’t installed on this computer. Some that were installed on this computer seem to also be absent.
Regardless, I was quite surprised to find that my LibreOffice folders lack uninstall.exe.

You can use the original .msi to install, repair/change or uninstall.

Note that applications installed using Windows Installer service (MSI) don’t use anything like “uninstall.exe”: both installation and uninstallation is performed by Windows.