Warn/indicate that text is upper case?

In some of my work I consistently use some font styles, for example “Copperplate”, without capital letters.

Because of this, I occasionally get inconsistent sizing between separate groups of Copperplate text by accidentally leaving caps lock on, making some upper case and others lower case, because there is no point of reference for me to know that their sizes are different/inconsistent when the groups exist in separate locations, and the difference is small so sometimes I don’t notice it happening.
Then, when I notice later on I have to go back and make the case settings/sizes consistent.

There is a light on my keyboard for when I’ve left caps lock on, which is handy, however I can’t really see it in my peripheral vision so it’s not hugely helpful, plus an indicator would be even better, something similar to the Bold/Italicized etc. indicators in the toolbar maybe…

Does such a function exist in LO?

I don’t think so because you could intentionally type text full uppercase with caps lock for convenience. I’ve experimented with AutoCorrect option Fix accidental cAPSLOCK on but it requires a lowercase initial to be effective.


As said by @ajilittoz there’s no such fonctionality (yet). I’d suggest using a workaround:

  1. Set a style for the text you want to write in Copperplate font (might be a Paragraph or Character style, depending on your need, the need is unclear to me). First set this style font to an “ordinary” font (ie, with uppercase and lowercase chars) , for example Liberation Sans.
  2. Make this style somewhat different from the remainder formatting of the document, so that you visually know where the Copperplate-ing will take place.
  3. Then, you write your text as usual, using the said style at the appropriate places.
  4. When your document is finished, change the font setting in the style above and set it to Copperplate.

Now you’re sure there’s no trailing upper/lowercase problems.