Watermark shows only on first page.

Hello, I am using libre 7.

When I goto format>watermark I enter “DRAFT”. It shows on page one but not the rest of pages.


Are you saving your document as .odt or .doc(x)?

I see the watermark in all pages, no matter what page style I have applied: First Page, Left Page, Landscape.

Tested with LibreOffice (x86); OS: Windows 6.1.

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If you look at the bottom of the Writer window does it say First Page? If it does you have two choices:

  1. Add the Watermark to the next page (Page 2) also and it will appear through the rest of the document unless you changed page style further along as well
  2. Change First Page to the same style as the subsequent pages (probably Default) but that will mean the first page has to have exactly the same layout as the rest of the document. This is likely a worse choice.

Cheers, Al