Way to navigate large bulleted/numbered list with navigator?

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I tend to take notes in outline form using bulleted lists.
The lists get pretty large, so it would be nice to be able to navigate these lists from the navigator.
It would be nice to see at least the top two levels of the hierarchy in the nav pane, and be able to click them like I do with bookmarks.

Is there any way to navigate large bulleted/numbered list with navigator?

I tend to take notes in outline form using bulleted lists.

Bulleted lists, by default, are not necessarily an outline. In order to be an outline a bulleted list needs to use paragraph styles and have those styles associated with one of the ten levels in the outline facility (Tools > Outline Numbering…). Whether you make use of the provided Heading N paragraph styles or create your own custom styles (based on paragraph styles Text body or List N) is up to you. When modifying each paragraph style, use the Outline & Numbering tab to set the Outline level and Numbering Style for each e.g., “Level 1” and “List 1”[1] for the first level, “Level 2” and “List 2” for the second and so on. These styles will then show up in the Navigator under the “Headings” entry.

[1] Note that this is a reference to a list style and not a paragraph style. There are, by default, only five List N styles defined, so if your lists have more levels than this, you will need to define the further style (to define the type of bullet identifier).

Thanks oweng! That clears some things up for me. Still confused about some other things so I’ll go post in the mailing list. (I didn’t realize this wasn’t the appropriate place for a longer discussion).

@chewywater - @oweng gave you an excellent answer from the point of view of Writer. Read this carefully to understand the differences between outlines and bulleted/numbered lists.

I will add a comment from a different point of view; it is my approach to documents going beyond a 2 - 3 A4 pages.

I first create a mind map, which allows me to first punch in all things coming into my mind. Next it allows me to easily sort my keywords, create substructures to main points. Once I have my structure ready, I save my mind map and export it to LibO Writer and have a numbered outline in a Writer file. 4 levels of the mindmap are converted into 4 outline levels of Writer, further levels in the mindmap are listed in one beneath the other. All I need to do is to give the outline level my format and start writing the text. Should I still need to change outline items I do this with the Navigator.

Mindmaps allow to work in 2 dimensions and export the result into one-dimensional structure of written document.


Mindmapping SW:
This is an open source project.

Thanks ROSt52, for the information about working with mind maps and writer.