We need a company or professional individual to convert a Lotus DB into Libre Office BASE

Hey there, we have a client that has requested assistance with upgrading their internal computer systems. We’re a marketing company and explained that it’s not what we do officially. Still, they’re a good client so we agreed to help them out.

Most of the stuff is pretty straight forward and we can handle, apart from their internal Database for managing jobs and customer data. They’re currently using Lotus Approach for their DBs. There are 45,000 entries and various forms using the same fields across multiple DBs.

Since we’re novices when it comes to this, we’re looking for a professional individual or company to be able to quote us on this migration. The client will be looking to upgrade their PCs to Windows 10, and since Lotus was discontinued in 2014, we’re really struggling to get the support we need to be able to export and import the data correctly.

In tests, we’ve managed to get a spreadsheet across, but not the forms, and not sure if the same linked fields will apply. For these reasons and more, we’d feel much more confident if we could get a quote from an expert. We’ve explained to the client that we would require external support for this. We can provide remote access, or failing that, can have onsite meetings. The client is based in Leeds, UK, so depending on locations, remote access may be the best bet.


May be you can find useful the official page for professional support.

LibreOffice professional support

Thanks for that, that’s where we looked first. The problem is that we’re UK based and most (if not all) of the certified support are based in Germany, Holland, China etc. We were hoping for a solution with less of a language barrier.

Did you already try small it business linux open source libreoffice located england uk at DuckDuckGo
or similar?
One of the findings: http://www.citylinux.com/libreoffice/libreoffice.php