Web query Help

I am trying to insert a web query but after I press enter, I see the data selecting the type of data each column will be, and pressing OK, I do not see the data in the Navigator pane. Nor can I press OK to insert the data.

The web query I am trying to use is this:
link:(http://eve.addicts.nl/api/prices.php?typeID=34,35,36,37,38,39,40,1230,17470,17471,1228,17463,17464,1224,17459,17460,20,17452,17453,1226,17448,17449,1227,17867,17868&regionID=10000002&regonID=10000033&cvs=true,"Pricing Data for EveOnline")

Excel will import this data, but does not natively parse it. I have to make a macro to parse the data.

The help page on Inserting External Data in Table (WebQuery) has this to say:

With the help of the Web Page Query (LibreOffice Calc) import filter, you can insert tables from HTML documents …

Your query is not returning a HTML table but rather a CSV file. Here is an example of a query returning a HTML table (taken from fdo#42377). When a web query returns with a HTML table you will see the Available tables/ranges area populated with HTML entries as shown in this example.

I would imagine this is why the dialog stops responding.

EDIT: One possible workaround is to dynamically link CSV data to a Writer document. Insert > Section… > Link section, check Link option and paste the URL into the File name field. Click Insert button. This gains you little other than getting the data into a document.

I worked out that if you remove the “cvs=true” part from the end of the link it returns XML instead of a CSV array. Unfortunately though it is still not a HTML table i.e., it lacks the surrounding <table> and other structural elements. Perhaps talk to the website developers and see if there is a parameter you can pass that will return a HTML table.

You could possibly script a solution (grab the XML, write it to a local file, run a sed/regex over it to convert it to a HTML table, link to resultant file) but this would require running the script to regrab/regex/write the data before opening the corresponding document each time.

Thank you for your help. When I get a chance I will try the writer solution.

Ok, Thank you for letting me know. Is there a way to be able to import this csv file then?

It is possible via Writer. I will update my answer. It appears to work but I have not tested this over any duration, although it should behave like any other link.