Web view and normal view greyed out

I am using libreoffice 6.4 and trying to export a base report in html format. Libre does export it but there are no page header nor footer when open it in browser. How to enable web view?


Output from Report Builder is read only and first set to editable - click on button:

Web & Normal view are then no longer greyed out.

With header & footer defined in the report:

The saved html doc and Web view both show header & footer information:

Thank you for the answer, I see now that is working but when I export it and open the exported file there is no header and footer on that file.Do I have to export report to writer and then save it as HTML Thanks

Report Builder outputs to Writer or Calc. Using the answer, Writer doc generated. Edit allowed. Document saved as html. Open as shown in Writer and browser.

There is no exporting involved - just saving.