Webservice Returns #Value from Valid Url


returns correctly but


returns #value
Does anyone have any info on how to fix this or how to work around said error
this service works on EXCEL and google sheets, im currently attempting to switch to libre.

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Note im using 7.3.3 64bit

api.evemarketer.com hides behind Cloudflare and Cloudflare is dumb enough to reject some clients not being a browser or that it doesn’t know or accept for no reason or with a HEAD request. Like for

curl -I --head 'http://api.evemarketer.com/ec/marketstat?typeid=34'

it returns a HTTP/1.1 500 Internal Server Error and with a -X OPTIONS request instead it returns completely nothing. LibreOffice uses libcurl announcing LibreOffice and curl in the User-Agent header.

Parsing User-Agent header considered harmful.


With Cloudflare it seems to be yet a different problem, apparently it answers any HEAD request with a 500 error, regardless of User-Agent string. In fact

curl 'http://api.evemarketer.com/ec/marketstat?typeid=34'

does deliver a result.

LibreOffice first sends an OPTIONS request, then HEAD, then GET. If already HEAD fails then it doesn’t attempt a GET. (if that still is the case, it’s some time ago I looked at it).

… and AFAICT mst made a change recently to workaround that - ah yes, it’s commit 8d9c56e8f42428fd6695942c673bffb985d22ad5. But that should be available in 7.3.3 already …