Website that shows Requested Features that are being implemented

Hello Everyone,

Probably not, but does anyone know if there is a website that shows what development team ideas as well as User Requested Features that are being worked on or are to be added in the near future?
Like a way of knowing what feature requests are really being considered as opposed to ones that are on the list but the very very end of the list that will probably never be worked on.

For Example:

Opening up multiple Writer documents or Calc spreadsheets into tabs within one instance of Writer or Calc as opposed to opening up multiple windows of each.

This has been a request I have seen, is there a way to know that something like this is being considered in the near future? Just wondering if a list like this exists somewhere for the public to view?

Also is there one specific place where FEATURE REQUESTS are to be submitted to?
One member mentioned “Bugzilla” is this where everyone is sending requests to?

Thank You for these great programs.

Thank You to anyone who reads this post

Maybe you can find such information if you track the developers’ mailing list. But consider that the release notes for version 5.2 haven’t been published yet. The number of bugs is enormous, the number of developers isn’t, and even maintaining a website listing requests that are being worked on (to say nothing about building it) means just a lot more work. Remember that all this work is done by volunteers and you get the idea. Now if you have some website maintenance skills you might offer to take that job - one advantage of that would be that you at least will always be informed of the state of all requests being worked on.