Weird lines and how to get rid of them

When I make a transitional break in my writing I type “***” between the paragraphs. Sometimes this becomes something else when I press return. Now I’m seeing this:

What is it, how did it get there, and most importantly, how do I remove it?

This is an effect of AutoCorrect. Go to Tools>AutoCorrect>AutoCorrect Options, Options tab. Here, Apply border is checked. Uncheck it to prevent the special sequences to create borders atop or below the paragraph:

  • --- 0.5pt single underline
  • ___ 1pt single underline
  • === 1.1pt double underline
  • *** 4.5pt double underline
  • ~~~ 6.0pt double underline
  • ### 9.0pt double underline

Since this adds borders to a paragraph, use Fromat>Paragraph, Borders tab to remove borders from already typed paragraphs.

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