what about install 32 bit LO on 64bit OS

In our organization there are about 1000 PCs. I want to deploy LO via SCCM to all PCs. But i don’t want to deploy seperately to x86 and x64 PCs. Because i have to create x86 Computer Device Collections for each vLAN. Is there any problem with deploying 32-bit LO to all PCs ?

Normally Microsof Office suggests to install 32 bit MS Office to all computers including x64 OS. So we were installing 32 bit Office.

So - did you test such a configuration on any of your systems prior to deploying it enterprise-wide, or do you rely upon some unanimous advise from Internet? :wink: That is a perfectly normal configuration - but I’d feel strange knowing there are sysadmins that have to ask such things…

You shouldn’t to have any problem with it