What are the Steps for saving a Forms Table Control to a Table?

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What steps are needed to select one of several records (Primary Key) displayed on a form’s Table Control, and then save that as a Foreign Key in a table’s field"?

It should not matter how I managed to get the Primary Keys from one table to appear in a Table Control; the request is for the steps to select one record and save its PK as an FK into a field of another table.

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I do not understand. I just answered this (use a list box) and even provided a link with the steps. Why was that deleted and now this same question here?

Thank you for your fast reply, @Ratslinger.

I deleted it as I understood from you that I caused confusion.

Yes, I have concatenated to see the desired record as you suggested. I tried your suggestion without good luck. I read BH40-BaseHandbook.ptf, page 128 and am more confused with its “List boxes cannot be added to a query” Its examples and my trials did not work for me.

Am I correct in that the main form must be bound to the target table in order to write to it, and subform(s) with SQL or Queries cannot write to a table?

Is there newer documentation for Base? Using Version 4 documentation on Version 7 may be holding me down.

Again, Thank you.


You could have fixed the last question. Before deleting the original was in you user section under Activity. Once deleted it is gone from being able to access it.

Writing to tables through queries must be specific in construction. Data sequencing must match.

Documentation has been updated for some time. You as so many others have seemingly ignored the Resources column to the right of questions - which is where you are brought to after sign-in.

Here is another link to the documentation - LibreOffice Base Guide

If you continue to have problems, post a scrubbed Base sample in your question.


Read the referred section of the Base handbook. You left off an important section of the sentence:

List boxes cannot be added to a query; they are only usable in forms.

It means you cannot put controls of any type in a Query display and not just list boxes. Can be used in forms.

My goof. I thought that I was in the Table chapter.

→ “You as so many others have seemingly ignored the Resources column to the right of questions - which is where you are brought to after sign-in” ←

I did not sign out, as I expected to return to the question. In my case, (and possibly in other people’s cases), I received an e-mail with a link to the question, which I clicked. That brought me here, where there is NO Resources column for me to ignore!

So you NEVER have signed in?


Yes, I sign out and sign in. From the e-mail advising me of your comment, I see this first with “Hi there! Please sign in”, the sign-on screen, then this again with my name on top. Not once is the Resources Column visible. I would send screenshots if I could attach those to my comment.

It doesn’t matter. When you first signed up it took you to the screen. Even searching questions gets you there. So based upon your comments, after initial sign up you never looked for anything just asked questions.

Few look at those items although it could answer many questions. Most don’t look at the faq or help links at the bottom of the page. It is like so many questions asked - have already been answered 100+ times - litterally (Java is an example). Another small example is the link in the previously deleted question from you. It provided steps to save key using a list box. Seems I have answered this a number of times.

(Deleted) You have been very helpful and don’t deserve what that was.
I understand your frustration with many repeats of the same question. For what it may be worth, I have found answers to most of my questions by searching here and forum.openoffice.org.

Yes, I have asked 3 questions (4 if you count thee one deleted because I made it look foolish) in 3 years because I had found most of my questions answered by searching.

I do appreciate and thank you.


Please understand, I certainly do not want people to stop asking questions and good to hear that you do search. I guess the “Documentation” thing just was a topper. It is right on the main page (along with other things) and if any more obvious (at least to me) it would reach out and get a hold of a person.

So my apologies for taking it further than simply giving you the link.


No worries. I would like to give you some thoughts at a later time.

Again, thank you for all you do.

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Have made simple Q&D form (Trips) with list boxes in start & end location. it is based upon table but query would work also if properly set.

Sample ------- Trips.odb

Thank you, @Ratslinger.

I believe that you:

Tied the Mainform’s data source to the destination table (Trips).

Placed a Table Control (“Mainform_Grid”)

Plaaced the various Columns in the Table Control’s Header

—>included ListBoxes for selection

NO. Used Wizard to create form. Just replaced Formatted control with List Boxes for start & destination.

Wizards are helpful in quick form creation.

Ok. That works – as long as the table control is in a MainForm based on the target table. Thank you.