What determines which screen a document opens from 'Recent Documents?' (dual screen/extended desktop)

I’m running a dual monitor setup with the screens configured to be an extended desktop.

I have a document on each screen. Let’s call them Doc Left, and Doc Right.

If I open a new document from ‘Recent Documents’ in Doc Left, the new (third) document may open on the left screen, but might also open on the right.

It’s just as inconsistent if I open a new document from ‘Recent Documents’ in Doc Right. It may may open on the right or the left screen.

What determines which screen a document opens from ‘Recent Documents?’

I’m using Windows 10.

Thank you

I can’t test, but maybe recent documents open in the last screen they were closed.
What happens with new documents?

It is controlled by Windows and what was closed in that program last time. From a vague observation: if last LO file was closed in monitor 2, then the first file opened will open in monitor 2; if the second to last was closed in monitor 1, then the second file opened will open in monitor 1, same with 3rd to last, after which I couldn’t be bothered.

You might want to have a look at this link, https://www.thewindowsclub.com/how-to-force-applications-to-open-on-primary-monitor-in-windows-10 , which talks about basics.
Or this link, Fix: Windows opening Programs on Second Monitor instead of Main Monitor - Appuals.com , which discusses ways to make applications open in one windows or the other.

The answer is highly dependent on the window manager in use. On my KDE Plasma Linux box with kwin window manager, it depends on the size of the new window (saved or default) compared to the presently used area by the open documents. The new window will be placed on the screen offering enough room or else on the other monitor in order not to cover the active window. This is also complicated by the compositor behaviour which tends to prefer the screen showing the cursor.
I have no idea about Windows.