What did you do to Libre Office that my .docx isn't the same?

I created my resume in Libre Office a couple years ago. Downloaded it on my new Linux install and open it and it’s spacing is all messed up and fits 2 pages instead of one. I am getting super p****d off, it doesn’t even make any sense.

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Does your new system have all the fonts used in your document?

This is it… the spacing of it threw me through a loop because it was mostly the same, just large gaps at places. I had saved it as a pdf and upon initial comparison between the pdf and docx i thought they were the same, and it showed my font in the docx, but when i actually hover over it, I can see it’s not installed… thanks so much

When you save to a foreign format from Writer (e.g. .docx), you get a warning to the effect that some elements may be lost or altered in the process. Now you observe that this has happened.

In the future, always use Writer’s native file format, .odt, for work in progress. This applies to your resume as maintained by you.

For files not intended to edit further, and where preservation of layout is important, export to .pdf. This applies to your resume when submitting to potential future employer.

If you made your resume based on a MS Word template, some clutter is to be expected. In my experience, those templates have a number of layout measures in use which Writer handles differently. I have found that the best strategy in those cases is to just copy plaintext to new document and reformat from that.

And in addition, don’t manual format your document (using empty paragraphs to vertically space or space characters and non-configured tabs to horizontally lay out words), this prevents auto-adjustment from working.